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What does the 6th Sense – Forces Newspaper have to say about Simple Money Coach?

AS OF next week (12 Sep 2013), Sixth Sense readers will be receiving invaluable financial information twice monthly, courtesy of a highly experienced money coach.

Columnist and former RAF Serviceman John Vine will explain in simple terms how the world of finance works, while giving out free tips on how to make the most of your money.

He understands the BFG community, having helped hundreds of soldiers with their finances for more than 30 years. His fortnightly column, called Simple Money Coach, starts on September 12

image of John the personal finance coach

Personal Finance Trainer


John, 65, who lives in Bad Lippspringe and publishes books on finance, says:  “A good money coach will help you save money in the long term – if used at the right time. But you have to understand how the finance system works first. People have a coach for fitness, so why not for money?”

“Having spent so many years in finance where you are motivated to make a commission through selling financial products, I am now focused on coaching people on financial matters. It’s coaching and teaching rather than telling and selling – and Bad Lippspringe is a good base from which to visit BFG camps.”

Much of the coaching is based on information contained in my series of ‘Simple Money Guides’.

There are 8 of these ‘Simple Money Guides’ available, covering the the following subjects:

Credit & Debt,  Insurance Matters,  Life Insurance,  Buying a House,  Car Buying & Car Finance,  Banks & Banking,  Retirement Planning  and  Savings & Investments

They are available from Amazon in both print and Kindle ebook editions.

We can be contacted by emailing or filling in the contact form here on the website.


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