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Welcome. I was privileged to serve our great country for over 20 years in the U.S. Army. I'm a graduate of the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training, Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Coordinator and a Ramsey Solutions Preferred Coach. I hold an MBA with a concentration in HR, and I'm Level III certified in Program Management from the Defense Acquisition University. Currently, I have the honor of working as a government civilian supporting our Soldiers.

I believe that people are sick and tired of their financial situation. I believe in providing hope to families showing them that they don't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck and be a slave to the lender. It is sad that 8 out of 10 working Americans can't come up with $400 for an emergency without borrowing money. Think about that for a moment - people have car loans, credit cards, cable, internet, cell phones, lines of credit and they can't cover a $400 emergency. But people have enough room on credit cards to take vacations they can't afford - then they spend the rest of the year making minimum payments on the credit card to pay themselves back for vacation!

It's time to change your behavior to change your family tree! Let me be blunt - we are here for you, to provide hope, understanding, compassion and coach you into a better way of saving money, reducing debt and showing you positive behaviors to accomplish your financial goals - however, we will not do the work for you - we will coach you. If you are ready to change, we are ready to coach!

Remember: you are not a victim of your financial choices, your situation is the result of your financial choices...   - Chuck Johnston


Hi!  If you are thinking about working with a Financial Coach, a good fit is important. Here's a little bit about me.

I became a Ramsey Preferred Coach because I know what it's like to be financially out-of-control, behind the power-curve and stressed about money. So, my coaching style is compassionate, analytical and encouraging.

Chuck and I took Financial Peace University in 2008. When we married, we took control of our finances, joined accounts, budgeted, saved, attacked debt and never looked back. We accomplished more together than we ever could have separately. Now, we share a vision for our future and work towards it every day, one intentional dollar at a time.

If we could do it, you can do it, too. People spend 8+ hours a day working and keep so little for themselves. Instead, they work for their employers, and then they work for the credit card company, the mortgage company, the student loan company, the car lender, etc, etc, etc. And another paycheck slips by, then a month, then a year and time keeps marching on. Some people have worked more than half their lives with little to show for it. 

It is NOT too late to make a difference. But you must start TODAY.

Everybody has a financial goal, a wish, a desire, a dream. What's yours? 

Today is the best day to get started. Call or book an appointment today!  - Alyssa Johnston